About the Plan

In 2001, Person County adopted its current Comprehensive Land Use Plan. In that same year, the City of Roxboro adopted its current Comprehensive Land Use Plan. This Joint Comprehensive Land Use Plan process is a collaborative effort by the City and County to update their plans together, considering ways they can work toward a shared vision. This Plan will establish a common vision, goals and overall objectives for the County and City with implementation strategies that are shared by each jurisdiction and some that are specific to each jurisdiction to implement the shared vision.

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan establishes the “blueprint” or “roadmap” for the future of the County and City with a bold, clear, vision and focused goals. The Plan looks at past and current development trends, previously approved plans, demographic and economic data, and community perceptions, in order to prioritize methods to fulfill the County’s and City’s vision for the future. The Plan is comprised of goals and strategies that provide a framework for decision-making and the allocation of resources as they relate to long-term development. It builds upon existing assets while taking advantage of opportunities for improvement and growth. The Plan is implemented over time through annual budgeting, departmental work programs, zoning decisions, and development projects. While local governments must have a comprehensive land use plan / comprehensive plan as condition of adopting and applying zoning regulations in North Carolina, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan is not a zoning or regulatory document.